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From its founding in 1960, Diponegoro University has been committed to grow and develop to be one of the world class universities. we recognize our most important contributions to improve the quality of human resources in order to support regional and national development. Diponegoro University has defined academic disciplines, and modes of thought and has had a transformative impact on fields including economics, business, science, mathematics, engineering, medicine, law, policy, sociology, historical, cultural and literary analysis. Our impressive international links, particularly with Australia, South Korea, Japan, the United States, and the mainland Europe will ensure that you will have a wide range of international opportunities available to you. we are located in a dynamic city, Semarang, with our main campus in Tembalang. To get more opportunity to improve its quality, Diponegoro University has also initiated much cooperation with various international universities and institutions. most cooperations conducted in a medical field were signed with Erasmus, Rotterdam, Australia, and Women and Children’s Hospital of Singapore. The cooperation in developing Base Camp Stemcell Transplantation will make Diponegoro University the biggest center for Stemcell Transplant in Indonesia. The cooperation in Social Science is established with Arizona State University and the University of Wyoming, targetted for curriculum development and staff exchange. Diponegoro University is also committed to improve is learning and infrastructure toward the international standard in the purpose of the establishment of World Class University. This commitment shows positive result by the increase of rank position based on QS ranking in which Diponegoro University was noted at Top Universities in Asia ranking 171 in 2009 and 161 in 2010. Nationally, Diponegoro University is also noted as the best six universities in Indonesia and only World Class University in Central Java. As a university which commits to go internationally, Diponegoro University has developed its curriculum to suit the international standard. the curriculum development has undergone three phases of development which eventually is targeted for international accreditation, Credit Transfer System, Twinning Program, Double Degree, and International Short Course.


Admission center in collaboration with international office to make an international student enrollment and designing the procedures for the registration as follows:


Prospective international student enrollment process begins from filling the registration form through the website: Some of the requirements that must be fulfilled by international students include:

  1. English language diploma
  2. Transcripts in English
  3. Certificate of TOEFL with minimum score 525
  4. Recommendation from previous professors or previous leaders. 2 letters of recommendation for applying S2, 3 letters of recommendation for applying S3, and for applying S1 this requirement is not needed.
  5. Passport photo (size 4×6 cm) in color

International student enrollment for fall/ odd Semester (college start on September each year) ends on March 30 each year, whereas for spring/ even semester (college start on March each year) ended on September 30 each year.

Furthermore, each application will be processed by the central student admission then forwarded to the study program for the selection process. The results of the selection will be convened in plenary by the study program, dean of the faculty and the rector. The prospective international students will be announced via website by the International Office (IO) Diponegoro University. After the announcement of the prospective international students has been uploaded on website, the prospective students are required to pay the tuition fees through the bank references. After completing the financial administration, then Diponegoro University through Public Administration and Finance (BAUK) will coordinate with the bank prior to the issuance of LoA references. The final result of the registration process is the issuance of Letter of Acceptance (LoA) by the Bureau of Academic Administration (BAA) Diponegoro University. LoA will be used in the international student immigration process.